About Us

Garden of the Pines Cemetary was founded in 1957 by Jesse and Kathryn Mercer, passionate animal lovers. Today, we are still dedicated to caring for animals after they have passed so that their memory and legacy can remain intact. We are committed to guiding families through a difficult transition and helping them cope in any way that we can. We provide families with on-site cremations and burials, as well as private in-house ceremonies.


Our facility does allow a family to be present for a portion of the cremation process in order to allow them the proper time to grieve without compromising the process. Family members cannot stay in the room for the entire cremation process due to the nature of the procedure, though we do accommodate your needs as effectively as possible.


Garden of the Pines is dedicated to providing compassionate and careful service when handling your pet’s process. Call today to learn more about your options regarding the arrangements of your pet’s care.