Crescent Pet Memorials

Where to Begin
Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. We offer pet memorials so that the legacy of your pet can live on. We offer casket burials and cremation to memorialize your pet. If you choose to cremate your pet, you have the option to bury the urn in a family plot or cemetery, but you also have the option to take it home to bury in your yard or garden. Finally, subject to some restrictions, cremated remains can be scattered by air, over the ground or over water. Grave markers, monuments and urn vaults are other considerations.
What is a Keepsake?
Keepsakes can help you remember your pet long after they have gone. Almost all full-size urns come with a beautiful and exquisite matching keepsake. We also offer unique and individual Art Glass Keepsakes and Life Print Memorial Keepsakes for families that are looking for something more specific to their pet’s legacy. Many of the keepsakes will hold cremated remains or a lock of hair.
We offer families the option to customize any keepsake in order to better memorialize their pet. Ask our staff for more information about our personalization options.